Our production – state of the art

  • Modern mechanical feed presses by Mabu and Raster
  • Vibratory grinding with Roessler R320 Euro & RT250 Euro
  • Electronical process monitoring by Brankamp
  • Optical 3D-Measurement and quality controlled with the GOM ATOS Core
  • Provision of finished products on over 600 storage bins

The drawings created by the system “MECADAT – VISI” are the base for our production. With this data, we are able to optimize and simulate our production flow during construction. Our qualified personnel works with highly modern mechanical feed presses, which guarantee a consistently high quality with process monitoring by “Brankamp”.

Our optical 3D Measurement with the GOM ATOS Core makes sure that we can control the demanded quality during the production process. Per year, we manufacture more than 120 Million Stamping parts in a range between 250 and 1.000 kN…and counting.