2020 - Current situation

2018 - Vibratory grinding

To increase the vertical range of manufacture and to optimize flexibility and independence from 3rd parties, the Marl GmbH grinds their products in the own company by Roessler R320 and RT250.

2018 - New stock for finished products opens

At the end of july the new stock for over 300 storage bins was taken into operation.

2017 - Extension building begins

In Dezember 2017 it begins. Plannings for a new stock for finished goods are completed and constructions is about to start.

2016 - Expansion of maynufactoring capacity

In spring 2016 a new 60 to. automatic press was installed to improve our capacities for long-running products.

2015 - New Homepage

In december 2015 we redesigned our homepage from scratch. Even in this section, we always keep pace with the times
For us, the internet is a very important communication medium with our customers and suppliers. To always fulfill current standards, we reworked our design and content. In particular we took care, that the content works on every device, PC, tablett or smartphone.

In september 2016 the english version of our homepage is finally released.

  • responsive Design
  • short loading time
  • intuitive structure